Delivering Innovative and Sustainable Solutions to Industry

Transforming Organizations Through Asset Management Excellence

Spar Solutions Unlimited is a global industrial service contractor. We provide high-quality and cost-effective plant capacity solutions to our customers while also prioritizing sustainability and innovation. We work with our customers to identify and address specific challenges they may be facing and provide ongoing support to ensure that plant capacity is maintained at optimal levels. By operating in this way, SPAR SOLUTIONS UNLIMITED enables our customers to achieve their goals while also contributing to the overall sustainability of industries.

Mission, Vision & Values

To deliver safe and sustainable plant capacity at the most optimal cost. As a trusted partner for our customers, we deliver innovative, technology-leading, and sustainable solutions that solve their challenges from anywhere in the world.

Our Core Values

• Innovation: We inspire a comfortable culture that brings new ideas to light. An unbroken pursuit of solutions that positively impact our customers and our business is paramount

• Diversity: Our strength lies in the variation of our people and solutions. We operate together as one company sharing best practices, leveraging our strengths, and living our core values.

• Leadership: Not only are our leaders committed to our business and our customers. Our leaders have a high duty to put the needs of employees first, committing to employee development and performance.

Our Leadership

Bill Sparling, Founder, Owner

With over 25 years of experience, Bill Sparling serves as the Founder and Owner of Spar Solutions Unlimited. Prior to SPAR SOLUTIONS UNLIMITED, Bill most recently served as Sr. Manager for a large outsource maintenance provider changing the course of growth and maturity in their service offering exponentially. Prior to this position, Bill held Sr. Manager positions with DuPont and Bunge North America. Bill has unmatched experience in strategic planning, business operating systems, cultural transformation, and asset management excellence. Bill is a world-class leader who inspires all that he encounters.

Our industry professionals are able to deliver better ideas and solutions embedded with a deep understanding of each customer’s business and industry.



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